The shock absorbers are made exclusively to order according to the specification made by the customer or one of our authorized services. The specification should contain all the information necessary to determine the initial settings and execution. Reception followed by a shock within the time limit from 14 to 60 days from the date they are credited to our account advance in the amount of 50% of the value of the order.

Shock absorbers SX RACING mounted in authorized services are covered by the limited warranty, then manufacturer defects. The warranty does not apply in the case of mechanical damage or faulty installation in unauthorized service. List of authorized services is located in the Contact tab. Are not covered by the guarantee of shock absorbers, in which the damage occurred as a result of non-compliance with the instructions for use or uses the wrong settings. Are not covered by the guarantee of the seals, which are mechanically damaged units for example: as a result of overheating. Are not covered by the guarantee of shock absorbers that have been repaired or records by people from outside the list of authorized sites and dampers bearing traces of modification and, in particular, the use of oil, bearings and seals from other suppliers than SX RACING.

Orders for the SX RACING made directly from the manufacturer are received and carried out exclusively by email and by phone.

Retail sales for individual customers exclusively through Shop RAJDY4x4 or one of its authorized service in the contact after a written confirmation of the price by the manufacturer.

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