SMR SX60 is a new shock absorber SX Racing specifically designed for cross country rallies and baja. SX Racing continues domination off road rallies in Poland by offering an unparalleled racing properties and ease of adjustment. A combination of the finest materials available with real tests in raids allowed to create dampener on the extraordinary properties of the rally. The best possible suspension setting according to the type of the route of the rally in most cases determines the victory. SX60 SM and their external regulations allow the self-selecting optimum damping force for the 2 speed compression damping, rebound, and internal control bump that operate completely independently of each other. In addition, the shocks have an extensive system of progression to 3 zones unparalleled in any other vibration dampers, used in the rallies cross country in the world. This is one of the best products of this type available on the market. SMR is an acronym for STAR MOTO RACING, which is a test for us to shock absorbers in the harshest of conditions. Designed for the most demanding clients.

  • Threaded housing
  • Tank integrated with the cover
  • 3 track regulation
  • S.R. system accelerates the reflection of shock when wheels lose contact with the ground
  • R.F.S. system-a spectacular increase in traction rear wheels without unwanted body movement
  • G.C.V. system-a system which increases the stiffness of the car during the operation of G forces
  • Independent hydraulic bump stop
  • Hydro-mechanical rebound stop
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