How to choose a shock absorber?

Type of shock-what is suitable for Your car rally depends on many factors. His destiny, the weight, the type of suspension as the T2 (springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, etc.), the average speed of travel and the type of terrain and the characteristics of the rally is only a few of them. Do not forget also about marshaling preferences. There are different types of off-road rallies, some defeats are several kilometres with minimal speeds on other tens of kilometers after mega potholes and marathons hundreds of miles with a very high speeds on roads and gravel traces in the dunes of sand. The shock absorbers must provide excellent traction, be able to withstand the high temperatures generated during operation and be able to withstand the forces acting on the suspension. Design of shock absorbers is immensely difficult when we meet with the case when the suspension stroke is limited unnecessarily by structural failures vehicle. We can’t actually suggest how to design the frame and suspension of your vehicles but please follow a few basic rules in the ASSEMBLY, which will help that shock absorbers will be used in full their range of action and in accordance with its intended purpose.

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