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  • SMR SX60

    SMR SX60 is a new shock absorber SX Racing specifically designed for cross country rallies and baja. SX Racing continues domination off road rallies in Poland by offering an unparalleled racing properties and ease of adjustment. A combination of the finest materials available with real tests in raids allowed to create dampener on the extraordinary properties of the rally. The best possible suspension setting according to the type of the route of the rally in most cases determines the victory. SX60 SM and their external regulations allow the self-selecting optimum damping force for the 2 speed compression damping, rebound, and internal control bump that operate completely independently of each other. In addition, the shocks have an extensive system of progression to 3 zones unparalleled in any other vibration dampers, used in the rallies cross country in the world. This is one of the best products of this type available on the market. SMR is an acronym for STAR MOTO RACING, which is a test for us to shock absorbers in the harshest of conditions. Designed for the most demanding clients.

    • Threaded housing
    • Tank integrated with the cover
    • 3 track regulation
    • S.R. system accelerates the reflection of shock when wheels lose contact with the ground
    • R.F.S. system-a spectacular increase in traction rear wheels without unwanted body movement
    • G.C.V. system-a system which increases the stiffness of the car during the operation of G forces
    • Independent hydraulic bump stop
    • Hydro-mechanical rebound stop
  • Order

    The shock absorbers are made exclusively to order according to the specification made by the customer or one of our authorized services. The specification should contain all the information necessary to determine the initial settings and execution. Reception followed by a shock within the time limit from 14 to 60 days from the date they are credited to our account advance in the amount of 50% of the value of the order.

    Shock absorbers SX RACING mounted in authorized services are covered by the limited warranty, then manufacturer defects. The warranty does not apply in the case of mechanical damage or faulty installation in unauthorized service. List of authorized services is located in the Contact tab. Are not covered by the guarantee of shock absorbers, in which the damage occurred as a result of non-compliance with the instructions for use or uses the wrong settings. Are not covered by the guarantee of the seals, which are mechanically damaged units for example: as a result of overheating. Are not covered by the guarantee of shock absorbers that have been repaired or records by people from outside the list of authorized sites and dampers bearing traces of modification and, in particular, the use of oil, bearings and seals from other suppliers than SX RACING.

    Orders for the SX RACING made directly from the manufacturer are received and carried out exclusively by email and by phone.

    Retail sales for individual customers exclusively through Shop RAJDY4x4 or one of its authorized service in the contact after a written confirmation of the price by the manufacturer.

  • Bump Stop

    Hydraulic buffers provide additional suppression effect while each cm of suspension is used. We’ve designed a special internal valves for the conditions in which you drive in Europe and we have tailored their length so that they work even better on the suspension designs which we encounter every day. The buffers help in using the whole work suspension without worrying about damage to its components. Easily serviced using basic tools as well as possible to change the damping characteristics by changing the operating pressure and the internal settings.

  • SX 60

    This is the standard shock absorber SX 60 threaded without external control. Thanks to the threaded casing it can be mounted on each wheel as a single or a pair with the same spring or spring type of bypass. The perfect solution for all cars T1. After mounting the damper with a selection of springs have the ability to adjust the height of the car, as well as spring preload their progression.

    -Threaded housing

    -Tank on the hose