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  • Quads FIM

    New design shock dampers for quad Yamaha Raptor 700 Dakar Edition. Specially designed with Sergey Karyakin winner of the Dakar Race 2017 in Quad Class.


    – Light weight,
    – Monotube hydraulic damper,
    – Integrated reservoir,
    – Double piston,
    – Hydraulic bump stop,
    – Traction Rebound Valve,
    – Bimetal, Adjustable on 3 ways and bump stop,
    – SX formulated specific oil for Dakar Rally.


    – Rebound,
    – High Speed,
    – Low speed,
    – Spring preload,
    – Hydraulic bump stop


    Shock absorbers for cars, Group N4/R4, Group Open


    – Hydraulic monotube damper
    – Adjustable 3 ways
    – Intelligent rebound system
    – Hydraulic bump stop
    – Hydraulic rebound stop
    – Ø60mm Hard anodized body
    – Ø18mm hard-chromed shaft
    – CNC fully machined from aerospace solid aluminium
    – Full disassembly


    – Rebound
    – High speed compression on piggy back
    – Low speed compression on piggy-back
    – Spring pre-load
    – Hydraulic bump stop

  • Utility cars

    Custom design shock absorbers for utility and military vehicle.

    More info, please contact:

  • SX 60 BYPASS

    Offer the highest level of attenuation with the ability to determine the characteristics of work in the most demanding off-road conditions. External adjustability allows for an immediate change in the characteristics of the work of the shock absorber in a matter of seconds. It is best to work on vehicles with large spring suspension. Shock absorbers have a number of external tub with valves (depending on the model) that control the oil flow in the various zones (1-6). Not to be confused with adjustable damping force fast and free compression damping where controlled can be only one zone damper work! Length and work zone damper are designed individually to work suspension rally car depending on the application and the type of rally. Therefore, the shock absorbers of the so-called “shelves” are universal and they work universally. They are comfortable while driving small bumps and progressively increase their strength attenuation while driving after more demanding terrain. These dampers are essential to driving fast in rough terrain where we use shock jump from about 20-30 cm.