Shock absorber work should be done on straight line track while working the other suspension parts staggers bow. Shock absorbers in racing applications should be mounted so that the closed and open virtually to the end. During the normal work in a rally car-stroke off-road suspension shock absorbers can produce very high temperatures should therefore be mounted away from potential spills of flammable liquids such as fuel or oil! Shock absorbers should be exposed to the direct action of fresh air, which helps in their cooling and if possible isolated from heat emitters such as exhaust, coolers, Turbo. Excessive heat can damage the seals. Shock absorbers and tanks shall be so fitted that under extreme conditions did not work on not any lateral force and not to often took during the work suspension frame components, suspension parts or tires or rims in order to avoid mechanical damage. When clamping screw clamping them should be tanks on their ends, it is unacceptable to their mounting bands through the Centre. Make sure that wires will not rub against any body parts or frame to prevent them from damage. Take special care when welding and grinding. The lack of security could lead to damage to lag the rod snake or the housing. When welding around the shock make sure that mass is connected directly in the vicinity of a welder. If during welding current can flow through the damper there is a high probability of electric arc between the rod rod and other metal parts of the frame. Electric arc, which rise may permanently damage the chrome-coating and destroy the seals the shock absorber. Shock absorbers can be mounted in any position. Installation of our shock absorbers should be carried out in our authorized services SX RACING under pain of loss of warranty.

The shock absorbers are designed so that only suppress the forces which arise during compression and expansion of the suspension. They are not designed to deal with sudden mechanical forces occurring when total compression and expansion over the suspension provided for shock absorber stroke. The shock absorbers are not designed to be resistant to mechanical damage occurring in places of Assembly! It is recommended to use an additional damper tape and limiting the stroke of the wheel and check that during the suspension lock automatically on the shock absorber mounting suspension components!!!

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