Instructions for use


Shock and tanks are protected against corrosion. Before mounting as well as a few times a year, especially in winter, it is recommended to wax them using car wax.
Note do not use detergents as they may damage the coating against corrosion.
Each time when a damper is fully compressed, shock absorber shaft is purified using the wiper seal in the housing. Because in most cars is fully rare damper serial compressed on the lower stem are deposited dirt that favor the corrosion and dirt causes damage to shock absorber seal. To prevent this problem, we recommend that you like the most common cleaning rod of shock resulting from dirt. The seals are designed to withstand continuous operating temperature to 90 degrees Celsius. In the case of a wrong selection of shock absorbers or bad settings can lead to damage due to overheating. You can order seals packages working in temperatures of up to 170 degrees Celsius.


Important! All shock absorbers SX RACING are filled with nitrogen. Nitrogen does not absorb moisture and does not extend under the influence of the temperature increases as the air. Filling air shock leads to their inner corrosion.
All shocks give the purchaser with the appropriate pressure of nitrogen, which is 13.8 bar. This pressure compresses the oil and prevents it from foaming. Pressure change does not change the damping factor but only in a small way the value of the constant spring. Adjustment range is acceptable in terms of +/-3.5 bar! Pressure changes over the specified range may lead to damage or shock absorber improper work. Change settings should be made by changing springs or changing the damping force damper.


In not rally uses they should work properly for a few years. It is recommended that you check, however, pressure, cleaning the housing and the shaft a few times a year, especially in winter.
Rally service is required in every race!
During the period of warranty the manufacturer overview is required after each start in the rally.

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